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Arthur Fecteau is an infectiously enthusiastic and highly experienced teacher and practitioner. His Hypnosynergetics course enables both the lay person and a practitioner like myself to solve the "mind" part of the mind/body connection.

- Gilbert Saltman, M.S. Trumbull CT


What is Hypnosynergetics?

Every body is electric; when the flow of electricity is disrupted or blocked, physical or mental disorders occur. Hypnosynergetics restores the proper flow of electricity thereby improving the health of the individual being treated.

  • Roger Callahan: developed TFT
  • Fred Gallo: author of Energy Psychology
  • Gregory Nicocia: founder and instructor of Thought Field Synchronization Therapy.
  • D.A. Versendaal: developed Contact Reflex Analysis and Applied Tropology.
  • James Durlacher - author of Freedom for Fear Forever.
  • Other influence and research is derived from Dr. Spiegel and Dr. Lang.
  • Arthur Fecteau developed Hypnosynergetics.


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Hypnosynergetics in Practice

Our clients believe that Hypnosynergetics is the ultimate in treatment and improves the practitioner's rate of success.

Clients who have used it have greatly benefited from the results and find that it rapidly alleviates stress and general anxiety caused by life's daily challenges. It is an ideal modality for all because it is totally non-invasive, and based on specific exercises which can be easily repeated daily to maintain the improvements

Hypnosis Hypnosynergetics is about energy Hypnosynergetics and Hypnosis
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