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When my son was 18 yrs. old, he slipped into a deep depression and became suicidal...We went everywhere for help, to no avail...In two sessions, Arthur Fecteau turned everything around and we now have our son back...thanks to him...

- Robert H. Businessman, MA.


Professional Information

Hypnosynergetics is used to improve performance and concentration in these areas:
  • sports performance
  • academic achievement
  • career success
  • how your own energies are preventing you from achieving your goals and being an effective helper
  • how to help clients who aren't good hypnotic subjects
  • Our certified instructors offer seminars that will help you help your clients alter undesirable behaviors. Some of these troublesome behaviors may include:
  • smoking
  • weight problems
  • phobias (fear of flying, heights, etc.)
  • stress/anxiety/panic disorders
  • depression
  • addictions
  • Arthur Fecteau

    Arthur Fecteau, B.S., MA.
    Developer and Instructor of Hypnosynergetics

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    Hypnosynergetics in Practice

    I am the coordinator of the preventative health program at the Multi-Service Center in Leominster, MA. Arthur always steals the show...He immediately draws a crowd around him. He is an excellent teacher...I watch them walk away in awe of him and what they have seen or participated in. Indeed the power of Hypnosynergetics is amazing.

    - Pat Lagrassa, Health Educator

    Hypnosis Hypnosynergetics is about energy Hypnosynergetics and Hypnosis
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