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...I am impressed with the success rate that you have acquired using
greater than 95% is
really something to be proud of. The client is acquiring the help instantly...I thank you, I now have new horizons
to explore.

- Joel Estey, Maine


Information for Clients

Hypnosynergetics was developed by Arthur Fecteau, B.S., MA. It is the result of twenty plus years of research. Hypnosynergetics is based on a specific protocol. Its effectiveness is derived from the synergy of Contact Reflex Analysis and Applied Tropology, Applied Kinesiology, Thought Field Synchronization Therapy, and the many facets available with Hypnosis.
  • smoking
  • weight problems
  • phobias (fear of flying, heights, etc.)
  • stress/anxiety/panic disorders
  • depression
  • addictions

Hypnosynergetics can also be used to improve performance and concentration in these areas:

  • sports performance
  • academic achievement
  • career success

If you have tried traditional treatments, alternative therapies or even just basic hypnosis and have not been helped, Hypnosynergetics may be the treatment you've been searching for.

There are no prescriptions to buy - no invasive techniques - just hypnosis and applied kinesiology will help your unconscious mind treat what ails you.

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Hypnosynergetics can also be used to improve performance and concentration in many areas

Check back frequently to see when Arthur will be speaking in your area or call his office for more information on how Hypnosynergetics can help you.

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