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Arthur Fecteau's Hypnosynergetics has been particularly effective in dealing with the following:
Behavior changes such as:
* becoming a non-smoker
* losing weight and keeping it off
* fear of flying
* fear of heights
* nail biting


Arthur Fecteau, B.S., MA.
Creator of Hypnosynergetics

Arthur Fecteau
Arthur Fecteau, B.S., MA.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy
Member of National Guild of Hypnotists
Member of the Hypnodyne Foundation
Creator of Hypnosynergetics

Arthur Fecteau has been a practicing hypnotherapist for over twenty years. From his offices in Central Massachusetts he has successfully treated clients using hypnosis to help rid them of undesired behaviors. He has also used hypnosis to help others improve their performance and concentration in school, sports and business.

Hypnosynergetics was born from his research into how to help clients who were not helped by hypnosis alone. By combining hypnosis with body/mind energy work, Arthur has found a treatment that can work for anyone.

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Hypnosynergetics in Practice

* Stress disorders and Panic attacks
* Pain control and management
* Sports improvement programs
* Improved concentration
* Improved school performance
* Insomnia, grief, trauma
* Shame, shyness
* Addiction, phobias, anxiety
* Anger, guilt, negativity
* Frustration
* Impatience, restlessness
* OCD, allergies
* Procrastination
* Depression
* Nervousness
* Unreasonable fears
* Urges

Hypnosis Hypnosynergetics is about energy Hypnosynergetics and Hypnosis
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