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...I am impressed with the success rate that you have acquired using
greater than 95% is
really something to be proud of. The client is acquiring the help instantly...I thank you, I now have new horizons
to explore.

- Joel Estey, Maine


Welcome to the World of Hypnosynergetics.
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  • Repel problems without revealing them
  • Attract what you want
  • Control your life
  • Eliminate doubt

While Hypnosis alone is very effective as a modality to change behavior, some clients cannot be hypnotized to a level where the changes are truly guaranteed. The addition of energy work and kinesiology in the proper order and steps greatly enhances the success of this work. Therefore, anyone can change and do so permanently. It is simply by using the application of these theories that success can be achieved in a shorter period of time and in the most effective manner.

If you are already familiar with Arthur Fecteau's work and you would like to learn more, check out where he'll be speaking next or drop him an email with any questions or comments you have.

If you're curious about what Hypnosynergetics is and how it could improve your life, help your clients, or enhance your profession, take a look through our site and contact us if we can be of help.

Arthur J. Fecteau
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...In Maine, Massachusetts, and in Connecticut and New York, as well as at the national convention... wherever he goes, he electrifies groups of hypnotherapists and lay
people alike...while his method words are still important, the touch is where the magic truly lies...

- Steven A. Lavelle, President, Hypnodyne Foundation

Hypnosis Hypnosynergetics is about energy Hypnosynergetics and Hypnosis
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